2012 Christmas List

What better use of a blog than to share your Christmas list with family, friends, and billions of strangers? Without further ado, here are some ideas for those shopping for me for the holidays…

Green Laser Pointer. Available from ThinkGeek.com. Red laser pointers are yesterday’s news. Even your cat is bored of them by now. But green laser pointers, man, those things are cool. They’re much brighter than red lasers, so much that their beam is visible in darkened conditions. You can actually use them to point out things in the sky like clouds and constellations. Be careful though – a green pointer is bright enough to damage a pilot’s vision if you shine it at their eyes accidentally.

PiBow. Available from PiBow.com. Yes, I am a nerd. Not a huge nerd, but a nerd nonetheless. As a nerd, I love gadgets, and my favorite one by far is the Raspberry Pi. It’s a tiny computer, the size of a credit card, with enough power to run linux software. To make the Raspberry Pi as cheap as possible, it comes without any accessories – no power supply, keyboard, not even a case. I’ve got a couple of “naked” RasPi’s sitting around that really need to get covered up. The PiBow fits the bill. I need two of ’em.


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