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2012 Christmas List

What better use of a blog than to share your Christmas list with family, friends, and billions of strangers? Without further ado, here are some ideas for those shopping for me for the holidays… Green Laser Pointer. Available from

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2012 Jack-O-Lanterns

I finished up the last Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween 2012 just last night. Evil spirits beware! Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Sticker Art

Enraged at the Princess’s refusal of his marriage proposition, the wicked prince drew his sword. Her true love, turned to a frog by the Queen’s evil spell, drew his sword and lept to her defense.

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Hidden Treasures in Central PA

Last Friday my brother and I dedicated the day to exploring some of his favorite places in central Pennsylvania. The whole area was once booming with activity from the timber and coal industries. As mines have been exhausted and forests

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Zombies vs. Ninja

I was practicing in my dojo this morning when a zombie grabbed me and tried to eat my brains!     I quickly defeated him, but more zombies were right behind. Soon I was surrounded! I used my gun to

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Raspberry Pi Webserver

My Raspberry Pi finally arrived a couple weeks ago and I’ve been fooling around with it ever since. I’m not a “real” programmer or particularly skilled sysadmin so I’ve mainly been trying out different bits of software, screwing something up,

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Truly Disturbing Photo

This photo shows the Monticello Dam in in Napa Valley, California. The dam has an unguarded spillway 87 feet across. Just looking at it gives me the creeps in a big way. For more photos of the Monticello Dam, visit

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Is a Yellow Pages Listing Effective?

I got a phone call recently from a sales rep representing the Yellow Pages. Generally I try to politely cut phone solicitors short and move on with my day. But the Yellow Pages piqued my interest. Does anyone even use

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I Love

It’s a rare treat to get a great deal on something handmade. And when that handmade thing is a portrait of yourself, that’s something special! Last week I stumbled across, an online marketplace where people offer to provide a

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Obama Publicly Supports Gay Marriage

It’s about time. What I find most interesting about this is the rationale for his decision. The President knows plenty of gay couples. His kids do too. How could he deny those couples the same rights that straight couples have?

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